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Almost here

Sunday, April 6, 2014

E is for Electronic Addiction

So Sunday is supposed to be a day to disconnect even from the A-Z Challenge. I took Saturday instead of Sunday as my day to chill. That got me thinking about how hard it is to electronically disconnect.

E as in Electronic. As in Ebay, Evite, and Ereader. Even my own name Elisa -- could be read as Eletronic Lisa. Electronic is in everything. Electronic is everywhere. You can’t detach. Or can you? Take my test below to see if you’re an electronic addict:

1) If your phone is stolen by a twelve year old boy whose parents are potential gang bangers (you know this because he is posting to your Instagram account under a gang name and you have traced his address to a questionable gang infested locale, true story) do you:

A) Drive to his house; knock on his door demanding the return of your phone ASAP.
B) Call the cops and explain to them that collecting your phone should move to top of their list.
C) Immediately go out and buy a new phone despite the cost.
D) Email your friends and tell them your phone was stolen so not to bother texting or calling for a while.
You’ll get back to them at some point.

2) When everything was down for days during Superstorm Sandy did you:

A)   Stand in line for hours to get gas to run your generator so you could charge your phone. Heat was secondary to the TV and the Internet.
B)   Check Facebook every 5 seconds to see if the power was back on your street.
C)   Drive to another state and check in to a hotel.
D)   Light candles, crack open a bottle of wine and play board games.

3) You’re driving and your phone beeps indicating you have a text message. And another. And another. Do you:

A)   Check the message right away. After all it could be your kids.
B)   Pull over even though you will be late to work.
C)   Drive slower so you’ll catch the red light so you can read your messages.
D)   Ignore it. If it’s really urgent they’ll call.

4) Your spouse just booked a trip to a romantic secluded island. When you find out there’s limited phone and Internet service do you:

A)   Beg off saying you’re too busy at work to get away right now.
B)   Freak at the thought of being unreachable for more than a few hours and make suggestions for more accessible vacation locales like any city.
C)   Research various hot spots and other techno gadgets that you could bring along even if you have to rent your own satellite to make them work.
D)   Rejoice at the thought of some downtime where you can truly disconnect.

5) Your phone is on 3% battery life and you are late for a restaurant reservation do you:

A)   Stay home until you have a full charge and go to a different restaurant.
B)   Call the restaurant to see if they have an outlet for your charger even if it’s in the kitchen.
C)   Post your husband’s cell number to your Facebook wall and check in at the restaurant so everyone will know where you are in case they need to reach you (you’re that important). Spend the dinner checking your Facebook page from you husband’s phone.
D)   Leave your phone behind to charge. Your husband has his cell for emergencies.

6) You drop your cell phone in the toilet by mistake do you:

A)   Immediately grab it out of there without hesitation (even if it’s before you flushed).
B)   Use ½ a roll of toilet paper to fish it out and then stick it in a bowl of rice or some other Internet drying remedy that doesn’t really work.
C)   Curse yourself for being too cheap to buy a Lifeproof case and immediately go out and buy a new phone no matter the cost.
D)   No biggie. You can wait until your next upgrade for a new phone.

More A-C answers: You’re definitely addicted to being electronically connected. You take pride in tweeting, using Pinterest, posting to Instagram or whatever the latest techno application is. You never feel lonely. The movie Her resonated with you. It's hard for you to just talk anymore.

Mostly D: You’re definitely not an addict. However you are one of those peeps who don’t always answer their texts right away or respond to their email. You may not respond at all. Your friends and family might consider you technologically challenged or just plain rude. 


  1. Really enjoyed this blog post! Good luck on the A to Z Challenge. This is my first year.

  2. Haha! Yes I'm an addict. I'm off to read more now... I like what I see:)
    Visiting from A-Z Challenge.

  3. Thanks for your great encouragement - same to both of you

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your quiz. I answer all my emails, though I got D's all except one. :) and I'd flush and then call the plumber, but then my phone would never get in there...why would anyone take a phone to the loo??
    Visiting from the A-Z.
    Best wishes,

  5. I just made it through all your A to Z posts. I'll admit to 1) liking them; 2) feeling intense relief that I hadn't clicked on yet another advertisement masquerading as a blog; 3) feeling I will be back.

    I got mostly D's, but honestly, I don't feel like a non-addict.

  6. Thanks guys! Love all the wonderful feedback