Almost here

Almost here

Thursday, July 9, 2009


A whole month has gone by and no I have not been camping. When I originally titled the last entry I was on a things that start with the letter 'C' kick and had just returned from taking my girl scout troop of 9 year old's to Camp Hoover. 

Surprizingly, Camp Hoover was  as bad as I expected even with all the giant spider webs and bugs. The weather was perfect and the girls actually slept (I thought we'd be up all night soothing homesick children). Girls were in tents. Leaders in cabins. Bears all around. 

Seriously, we had various altercations with a mother black bear and cub who had decided to say 'hello'. I actually never got to see the bear, but my troop did on the way to the lake. Brave leader that I am, I was following them in the rear when the bear rambled up the path. My co-leader and I were just strolling along, oblivious to the bear, until all the girls came running. They described it as a huge creature with sharp fangs (another reason I'm so shocked no one got up during the night-- phew).

Later my co-leader heard the bear when she went to retrieve water bottles from our campsight. It was growling in the shelter area blocking any access she had to the siren you're supposed to use to scare the bear away. Instead the bear was successful in scaring my co-leader away who was a wreck from that point on. Personally, I think the bear was just looking to bond. And I left Camp Hoover relieved it was over, but disappointed I never got to see the bear myself.

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