Almost here

Almost here

Friday, April 4, 2014

"D" is for Dance -- Surviving the 8th Grade Dance

I really should be writing about “D” for Deadline since I almost missed mine. Instead I want to write about “D” for Dance. As in my daughters upcoming 8th grade dance for graduating from middle school. Since most kids graduate from middle school the whole thing seems a little anti- climactic, but the 8th grade dance is a really big deal.

I’m starting to discover there’s a lot of drama (“D “ for Drama) that goes along with the 8th grade dance; from buying a dress to begging your parents not to chaperone.  It’s only a few short months away for the big event, but I’m not sure I will make it.

Here’s my list of 5 ways to survive:

1)   Embrace the dress as the most important part of the dance. Don’t let her fool you. She may act all nonchalant when you take her shopping, like she doesn’t care what she wears -- until you make a suggestion. Beware as any dress you pick out she’ll claim she'd never wear to a dance or anywhere. It’s very important you don’t react to whatever she likes even it’s hideous with rhinestones and glitter.  That will only make it more desirable. If it’s a dress you actually like you must not reveal your feelings. If she senses your approval it is all over.
2)   Steer clear of the prom date discussion. If you ask them if they need a date for the dance they will respond no. They will explain they'd rather go with their friends. You will try to gage if they are covering for a teenage broken heart. They will ignore you to take a selfie. You will still wonder if they are upset. They will take more selfies. You should stop worrying.
3)   Volunteer for the dance committee and put in hours of time to make the dance just perfect, but remember these kids are not easily impressed. They come from the generation that can watch a movie  on their phone. A Night Under The Sea with star balloons and mermaids cannot compete. Don’t feel bad if it doesn’t win you mother of the year. They will appreciate it when they are older (at least that’s what my mother told to me).
4)   Use chaperoning the dance as a threat to keep your kid inline for the rest of the school year. The possibility of embarrassment by ones parent can increase your child’s average from a B to an A.
5)   Don’t get upset when your grown up baby struts around in her high heels. She will never make it through the whole dance in those anyway and will end up wearing two different colored socks by the end of the night like she did when she was five.

Just breathe, take tons of photos and try not to think you'll be doing this whole dance thing again in two
years for high school.


  1. Oh how did I ever survive my 8th grade dance? I didn't, it still remains one of the most painful memories of my adolescence.

  2. This is hilarious! I live in England and the children here start secondary school in year 7 (almost the same as grade 7) and so grade 8 is no big deal one way or the other. Their big prom over here is when they finish secondary school - then it is the same huge big deal!