Almost here

Almost here

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Getaway -- and I need it now!

I’ve always dreamed of being a travel writer. Someone pays me to visit a tropical locale and tell them what I think. It would be a very short piece. Ah! Is all I would write while sitting on a sandy beach, sun in my hair, a drink in my hand. Alas, no one is sending me to the Caribbean and I’m stuck in blustery NJ, even though it’s April. It’s time for a getaway.

Ten signs you are in need of a getaway:

You feel like you’re in Groundhog Day – the movie where Bill Murray repeats the same day over and over again. You catch yourself on autopilot, speeding down the same streets in a rush to work, the gym, sport practice, fill in the blank. You occasionally have had to stop and ask yourself where you’re going or consult your passenger, usually a child, because you’ve momentarily forgotten.

Stupid arguments erupt with your spouse, your children, even your dog. Over things like  which is more important to attend your cousin’s bat mitzvah service or the town softball game?  Or who chewed up the living room sofa leg? Or what everyone wants to eat for dinner?

You can’t stop looking at your calendar. You are constantly worrying about what you forgot to do, what you forgot to attend or what you forgot to log into your calendar. You need some ‘no where time’ -- no where to go, no where to be. And you need it now!

Even going out to dinner is starting to seem like a drag; coordinating your social calendar, setting up the sitter, or making a reservation. Can someone else be in charge?

The obligations are piled high until July with sports, communions, graduations, recitals, and bar mitzvahs.  And you have nothing to wear.

You are exhausted and broke just thinking about all the things that need fixing from the hellish winter; peeling house paint, torn up driveways, worn out car tires, never ending yard work. Ugh!

You just feel blah. A change of scenery please. Even if it’s a day trip.

Listening to the Jimmy Buffet channel makes you jealous.

Seeing Facebook posts from peeps on vacation makes you weep.

You have an uncontrollable need to wear flip flops and a sundress ASAP.



  1. Oh you poor thing, a get away sounds lovely.

  2. I am right (write) there with you! A get away sounds awesome!

  3. Ha! I can totally relate to going all paranoid/OCD on my calendar. When you get that offer for a paid trip to the Caribbean, ask if you can bring a guest. :)