Almost here

Almost here

Sunday, April 13, 2014

K is for Key West -- 7 great reasons to visit Key West (7 for the 7-mile bridge, but I could come up with more!)

1)   Authors: From Ernest Hemingway, Elizabeth Bishop to Judy Blume many writers have called Key West their home. And many a manuscript has been written on the island whether it Hemingway’s well-known Fare Well To Arms to one of Robert Frost’s most famous poems The Gift Outright. And of course, there are the hangouts of Jimmy Buffet, both writer and musician. If you’re a writer Key West may well be the only muse you’ll ever need.
2)   Key Lime Pie: You can’t go to Key West and not have a slice or two. I spent a few hours taste testing up and down Duval. Yum! Next time I’m heading straight to Pepe’s Café, which I heard has some of the yummiest pie around.
3)   Art Galleries: There’s a lot of great little art shops all around the island. You could spend hours perusing the various galleries or head to Island Arts Co-op. Bring home that special piece and you’ll be back in Key West every time you look at.
4)   History: From the cemetery dating back to 1847 to the Oldest House in all of Florida there’s much to learn in Key West. Even the bars have stories. Hogfish Bar and Grill (not actually on Key West, but Stout Island,) is rumored to be the headquarters for the Bay of Pigs operation.
5)   Shopping: Stores abound from clothing to knick-knacks. Window-shopping is almost as fun as buying with so much to see.
6)   Bar, bars and more bars and music, music, music: There are so many places to go. From dancing to cover bands playing at the infamous Sloppy Joe’s to offbeat jam sessions around the corner. The music and the atmosphere will take you back.

7)   Water all around: From scuba diving to fishing to parasailing to wave runners and sunset cruises, there are so many ways to float away…


  1. I went to Key West in high school on spring break and I want to visit again, but haven't found the time. I figure it could inspire me as well and is cheaper then visiting Hawaii.

  2. I would go just to walk Ernest Hemingway's walk. But then there's the beach too. Wonderful. Happy A to Z!