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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nude. What you see is what you get. Yikes

Season 4 of Girls on HBO just ended.  Like a Sex in the City for Hipsters, it follows the lives of four twenty-something girls living in the NYC area. I’ve found there’s a tremendous amount of haters out there for this show. Critical love, but a lot of haters. I’d like to blame it solely on the fact that the characters are mostly unlikeable biaches, but that’s not the only thing. There’s a whole Lena Dunham nude thing hatred going on. For all of you who don’t know anything about the show, Lena Dunham is the creator. She is also the writer, producer, and main star. And she spends many an episode wearing very little.

If this was the 70’s or 80’s Dunham might have her own variety show aka Carol Burnet or Dinah Shore. Of course Carol and Dinah both had their clothes on. As much as I admire Carol Burnett I’m happy I’ve never seen her in the nude. I think that’s how most peeps feel about Dunham. Even if they like her show, they don’t feel the need to see her let it all hang out week after week.

Supporters of the show and of her scantily clad form condemn naysayers. They say the only reason we don’t like seeing Dunham nude is because she doesn’t fit the perfect Hollywood body type. They say we need to take a hard look in the mirror because most of America is more Dunham than Hollywood. After all, no one complains when Emmy Rossum who plays Fiona on Showtime’s Shameless bares all. Emmy is Hollywood beautiful. Even when they try to make her look bad, they can’t.
So it might very well be that Emmy gets a pass because she is more pleasing to the eye but she also isn’t shoving those nude scenes in your face. Lena’s nudity seems gratuitous.

Recently a male journalist at the show's third season press conference asked Dunham why she was nude so much on the show often randomly and she responded, "It’s a realistic expression of what it’s like to be alive, I think, and I totally get it. If you’re not into me, that’s your problem, and you're going to have to kind of work that out with whatever professionals you've hired."
So is it a nude FU to the world? Or is Dunham just that comfortable in her own skin? Either way I’m kind of jealous. To feel free to let it all hang out no matter what. To put yourself out there everyday. If I was the writer and star of my own sitcom, I would be writing myself in wearing a turtleneck.

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