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Almost here

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Sitter

It took us thirteen years to graduate, but we did it. Finally, we don’t need to hire a sitter to go out. We now have our own built in version– our eldest daughter who is capable and somewhat willing. Of course, there are the expected hiccups when turning the former sittee into the sitter. She isn’t always on good terms with her charges nor are they with her. The threat of taking away electronic devices can usually rectify the situation. Or there’s always bribery. Whatever works to keep the troops from massacring each other in our absence.

Although this sounds difficult, in some ways it’s easier than finding and keeping a good sitter. And for the past thirteen years a good sitter equated to having a good social life. Granted we could go out to dinner with other families and hope we didn’t have to wait an hour for a table for twelve. Or said family could come over and essentially we throw a small party that trashes our house. When all else failed there was always girls night out and guys night out, where one of us watched our kids while the other partook in an adult evening out. But that’s not the same as a night out as a couple without kids.  So I thank you dear sitters for helping me have a life for the past thirteen years and here’s my take on what makes a good sitter beyond the usual responsible, caring, individual thing.

Ten things that make a good sitter:
1)   She makes you want to go out because your kids like her so much.
2)   She feeds your kids, puts them to bed, and cleans up before you get home.
3)   She thinks you’re cool or at least she pretends to.
4)   She’ll tell you if that outfit doesn’t work because relying on your husband and  5-year old is not always smart.
5)   She makes you feel like you have things all  figured out like the house, the job, and the family when you know you really don’t.
6)   She truly likes your kids and stops by to see them even when she’s not sitting.
7)   She helps your kids with the technology stuff that you don’t get.
8)   She tells you how great your kids are even after they make her do shrink dinks with them for three hours straight.
9)   She reminds you of your life before children and lets you live vicariously through her.
10)                   She gives you peace of mind when you think you’re losing your mind.

Now I could do a laundry list of what makes a bad sitter starting with my friend finding her sitter curled up in her  guest room asleep at 9PM while her kids were still awake. Anyone else have some good ones?

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