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Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Orgasm (orgasmic retro movies that is)

I asked Facebook readesr for a retro word that starts with ‘O’ for throwback Thursday and ended up with Orgasm. Rather than bore you with the story of an old orgasm, I thought I’d come up with a list of the ten most orgasmic moments in movies even if there’s no sex involved in some of them.

1)   The quintessential orgasmic movie scene because that’s what it’s about -- the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally. Meg Ryan, Sally, proves to Billy Crystal, Harry, that guys don’t know when a woman is faking by faking an orgasm right at their booth at the Katz's Deli.
2)   Pretty In Pink when Andrew McCarthy, Blaine, kisses Molly Ringwald, Andy, in the headlights of his BMW after he asks her to the prom.
3)   When Michael Schoeffling, Jake Ryan, kisses Molly Ringwald, Samantha, on the table at the end of Sixteen Candles – or any scene with Jake Ryan in it.
4)    Rob Lowe, Billy, in St. Elmo’s Fire playing the sax.
5)    The tense romantic feelings between Matt Dillon, Dallas, and Diane Lane, Cherry, in the Outsiders.
6)    It’s the first time for Matt Dillon, Randy, and Kristy McNichol, Angel, in the boathouse  in Little Darlings.
7)   The piano scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts, Vivian, and Richard Gere, Edward, really tune things up.
8)    When Tom Cruise, Joel, and Rebecca De Mornay, Lana,  get it on the train in Risky Business to In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins.
9)    Jason Patric, Michael, carrying Jami Gertz, Star, down the stairs in The Lost Boys.

10)  Where a pottery wheel somehow becomes sexual in a scene with Patrick Swayze, Sam, and Demi Moore, Molly in the movie Ghost.

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